Administrative Department

The Administrative Department of the GCAA is responsible for:

  • Organizing and coordinating international relations of the Agency;
  • Ensuring cooperation with international organizations operating in the field of aviation;
  • Managing the Agency’s human resources, maintaining personnel files, preparing documents related to reshuffle, motivation and disciplinary responsibility imposed on the Agency’s employees;
  • Managing and coordinating staff training/retraining programs;
  • Planning and organizing staff attendance at internal and external training courses;
  • Performing financial and budgetary activities;
  • Drawing up accounting and financial statements in accordance with the rule established by law;
  • Assessing and analyzing the aircraft operators’ financial capabilities to carry out transportation by air, issuing air transportation certificates to aircraft operators registered in Georgia, maintaining an appropriate Register, carrying out the continues oversight and analysis of the financial standing of operators;
  • Participating in the calculation of air navigation services unit rates;
  • Collecting the operational and economic data related to aviation enterprises registered in Georgia and submitting the data to the International Civil Aviation Organization in accordance with the established forms;
  • Ensuring relations with the public and media and the transparency of the Agency’s activities, making the public aware of the Agency’s annual reports and the situation in the field of civil aviation;
  • Ensuring recordkeeping in the Agency in accordance with applicable rules;
  • Ensuring the preservation of the property on the balance sheet of the Agency;
  • Implementing procurement procedures in accordance with the rule established by law, drawing up procurement reports and submitting them to the State Procurement Agency;
  • Ensuring the material and technical support necessary for the Agency’s activities;
  • Ensuring the continuous operation of the IT network and hardware of the Agency.
  • Ensuring the operation of aeronautical fixed telecommunication network, receiving/sending correspondence;
  • Keeping/storing aviation documentation, maintaining an Archive.

Administrative Department

Veriko Bakhtadze

Head of Department

Tel: + (995 32) 294 80 10 (Ext. 117)