Aviation Security Department

The Aviation Security Department of the GCAA is responsible for:

  • Determining preventive measures against acts of unlawful interference in the civil aviation activities;
  • Carrying out continues oversight over aviation enterprise activities in order to prevent acts of unlawful interference in the sphere of civil aviation;
  • Within its competence, drawing up protocols on administrative offences;
  • Coordinating the aviation security programs of aviation enterprises;
  • Coordinating of the annual internal Aviation Security Plan of aviation enterprises;
  • Conducting the process of issuing permanent permits for entry into airport restricted areas to persons and the Agency’s vehicles;
  • Drafting normative acts in the sphere of aviation security;
  • Assessing the risk of acts of unlawful interference in the sphere of civil aviation and determining the level of threat in the civil aviation activities based on the risk assessment;
  • In the event of acts of unlawful interference, submitting the necessary information to the States concerned and the International Civil Aviation Organization;
  • Providing advice to the Operational Headquarters on the Management of the State of Emergency;
  • Within its competence, participating in the preparation of special flights and ensuring the protection of confidential information;
  • Determining the types, technical and operational characteristics, minimum detection features of aviation security equipment;
  • Coordinating the procurement of aviation security equipment and test facilities for aviation enterprises;
  • Within its competence, approving training programs, conducting the certification process of aviation security personnel, preparing relevant conclusions;
  • Conducting the process of issuing trainer certificates;
  • Within its competence, cooperating with international organizations and government agencies.

Aviation Security Department

Gvantsa Kereselidze

Head of Department

Tel:  + (995 32) 294 80 10 (Ext. 121)