Air Navigation Service Department

The Air Navigation Service Department of the GCAA is responsible for:

  • Conducting the certification processes of ANS providers, preparing relevant conclusions, and supervising their activities;
  • Conducting the process of designating certified providers to perform air navigation services, and preparing relevant conclusions;
  • Within its competence, drawing up protocols on administrative offences;
  • Conducting the acceptance process of technical means/systems used in the provision of air navigation services, and preparing conclusions;
  • Participating in the determination of types of aviation meteorological services;
  • Supervising training activities and ensuring the continuous qualification of air traffic controllers, technical personnel involved in the technical maintenance of air navigation equipment, flight procedure designers, cartographers and personnel involved in the provision of aeronautical information;
  • Within its competence, overseeing aviation search and rescue works, and coordinating them with other government agencies;
  • Participating in the development of the structure and classification of the Georgian airspace;
  • Overseeing airspace management and air traffic management;
  • Carrying out the review of flight procedures, and preparing relevant conclusions;
  • Performing the coordination of draft aerial maps; compiling the unified package of aeronautical information, and supervising its publication;
  • Within its competence, preparing aeronautical information and carrying out validation/verification of aeronautical information provided by the Agency;
  • Within its competence, conducting the certification process of civil aviation training organizations, preparing relevant conclusions, and supervising their activities;
  • Conducting the acceptance process of civil aviation training organizations of foreign States, and  preparing relevant conclusions;
  • Within its competence, approving training programs;
  • Within its competence, conducting the process of issuing aviation personnel certificates and ratings, and preparing relevant conclusions;
  • Conducting the process of issuing trainer certificates;
  • Conducting the acceptance process of certificates issued by foreign States;
  • Coordinating the safety and quality management systems of air navigation service enterprises, related documentation and planned changes in the air navigation service enterprises;
  • Within its competence, analyzing information on civil aviation occurrences, and responding accordingly;
  • Drafting normative acts and safety instructions, and supervising their implementation;
  • Developing safety performance indicators, participating in defining the acceptable level of the civil aviation safety, and monitoring;
  • Developing measures to improve flights safety level, and supervising their implementation; participating in the process of managing planned changes in the Agency; participating in the development of a Civil Aviation Safety Plan;
  • Monitoring the air navigation service sector and drawing up/coordinating reports on its operation as well as on the implementation of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative and the European Air Traffic Management (ATM) Master Plan; submitting reports to the relevant organizations  (ICAO, EC, EASA, EUROCONTROL);
  • Providing organizational support to Military-Civilian Standing Committee and administering its activities;
  • Within its competence, supervising the execution of the Rules of the Air in the airspace of Georgia;
  • Cooperating with international organizations and government agencies.

Air Navigation Service Department

Davit Cheishvili

Acting Head of Department

Tel: + (995 32) 294 80 10 (Ext. 120)