Aerodromes and Airports Department

The Aerodromes and Airports Department of the GCAA is responsible for:

  • Conducting the certification process of aerodromes and heliports, preparing relevant conclusions, and supervising their activities;
  • Defining the area of the Georgian civil aerodromes;
  • Performing the enumeration of aerodromes and heliports and registration of runways;
  • Supervising compliance with the requirements established for the airfield lighting system;
  • Within its competence, drawing up protocols on administrative offences;
  • Conducting the certification process of fueling enterprises, preparing conclusions, supervising their activities, and maintaining an appropriate Register;
  • Conducting the certification process of the technical personnel of fueling enterprises, preparing relevant conclusions, supervising their activities, and maintaining an appropriate Register;
  • Conducting the certification process of cargo terminals, preparing conclusions, and maintaining an appropriate Register;
  • Within its competence, approving training programs;
  • Coordinating aerodrome and heliport management systems and associated documentation;
  • Coordinating planned changes in the supervised enterprises;
  • Within its competence, analyzing information on civil aviation occurrences, and responding accordingly;
  • Within its competence, drafting normative acts, guidelines and safety instructions, and supervising their implementation;
  • Developing safety performance indicators, participating in defining the acceptable level of the civil aviation safety, and monitoring;
  • Developing measures to improve flights safety level, and supervising their implementation;
  • Participating in the management process of planned changes in the Agency;
  • Participating in the development of a Civil Aviation Safety Plan;
  • Within its competence, preparing aeronautical information;
  • Within its competence, cooperating with international organizations and government agencies.

Aerodromes and Airports Department

Kakhaber Abramishvili

Acting Head of Department

Tel: + (995 32) 294 80 10 (Ext. 111)