An online platform for the registration of unmanned aircraft operators ( has been launched on the website of Civil Aviation Agency (

Through the online platform, it became possible to electronically register the operators of an unmanned aircrafts with a MTOM of 250 g or more (both physical and legal persons). After activating the account, users will have the opportunity to register their drones and pass the online test for the remote pilot competence, which is mandatory for operation in the “open category”.

To register an unmanned aircraft, it is necessary to fill out relevant fields. If, when registering a serial production drone, you could not find the desired model in the list provided in the “Manufacturer” or “Model” fields, fill out the “Homemade” registration form. Choose the type of use of the unmanned aircraft (hobbies, photography, commerce, agriculture, racing, etc.). Unmanned aircraft registration is free of charge.

To complete successfully an online test required for the operation of an unmanned aircraft, the user should achieve 75% of overall marks. Online test examination questions vary for subcategories (A1 – operation over people, A2 – operation in close proximity to people, and A3 – operation away from people). Certificate of competency is issued for a period of 5 years. Online testing is free of charge.

In addition to the above-mentioned electronic services, the online platform enables users to obtain all the necessary information on national and international requirements related to the operation of unmanned aircrafts. The Agency will periodically post recommendations and methodologies in order to assist operators in better understanding and meeting the requirements of new rules. After the account is activated, the user will receive information or notifications from the Civil Aviation Agency regarding any mandatory actions. Besides this, in the near future, an online map will be available reflecting the no-fly and restricted zones within the territory of Georgia.

The new rule of the operation of unmanned aircraft systems, which is in force from January 1, 2021, defines the additional requirements for operation in the “open category”. In particular, this refers to the competence of remote pilots, unmanned aircraft marking and remote identification. Under the new rule, remote pilots operating the unmanned aircraft in the “open category” must undergo electronic testing after passing which the Agency will issue them a relevant certificate of competency. The rule also sets out a registration requirement for an unmanned aircraft with a MTOM of 250 g or more.