• New Working Arrangement signed between EASA and GCAA
  • Henrik Hololei: Georgia is leading aviation country in Eastern Partnership
  • The Civil Aviation Authorities of Georgia and France signed a renewal of Technical Cooperation Program
  • According to conclusion of ICAO’s official audit, Georgia ranks first in the region
  • Georgia has made significant progress towards civil aviation security oversight
  • Third meeting of the EU-Georgia Joint Committee on the CAA Agreement in Tbilisi
  • The working visit of GCAA to People’s Republic of China
16 2020
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Aerodrome and Aviation Fuel Suppliers Certificates
Aerodrome Certification Rule (hereinafter referred to as the “Rule”) has been elaborated on the basis of Annex no.14 (“Aerodromes”) of the 1944 Chicago Convention “On International Civil Aviation”, Article 56 of the Air Code of Georgia, Article 9 of Law of Georgia “On the Management and Regulation of Transport Field” and Article 15 of Law of Georgia “On Normative Acts”. The abovementioned Rule also meets requirements of ICAO official publications – Doc-9774 (“Manual on certification of Aerodromes”) and Doc 9790 (“Assembly Resolutions in Force”).
List of documentation needed to obtain the Aerodrome Certificate:
An application for the Aerodromes Certificate shall be submitted to the Agency. The Application shall be supported by:
a)      Applicant’s Statutes and Extract from Register of Entrepreneurship;
b)      Document, proving “Aerodrome Reference Point” geographical parameters, according to the World Geodetic System WGS-84;
c)      Aerodrome Manual;
d)      Aerodrome Aviation Security Maintenance Program;
e)      Plan over the removal of disabled aircrafts;
f)       Documentation proving an appropriate qualification of aerodrome personnel, ensuring flight and aviation safety;
g)       Copy of the Meteorological Service Agreement;
h)      Agreements with Organizations, acting independently at the territory of aerodrome and ensuring it’s secure and proper functioning (aviation fuel suppliers, aviation technical base, power supply systems and other aerodrome maintenance facilities);
i)        Agreement with Organization, designated by the Georgian Legislation as an Air Navigation Service ensuring authority;
j)        Organizational Structure of Aerodrome Operator as to prove, that it has the necessary number of suitably qualified personnel in the staff, in order to ensure safety and security of operations, regarding the aircraft  landing, maneuvering and departure, as well as passengers, cargo, baggage, hand baggage and mail service;
k)      Documents proving fulfillment of customs, frontier, sanitary and quarantine services by the entities, authorized according to the Georgian Legislation, which means that, abovementioned services will be conducted after the Operator will gain the Aerodrome Certificate.  Besides, customs and frontier service fulfillment defined by this sub-paragraph is mandatory for Airport, which carries out International air transportation;
l)        Reference from National Agency of Public Registry, assuring that the aerodrome property is not sequestered.



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