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28 Aug.'18 | According to conclusion of ICAO’s official audit, Georgia ranks first in the region

In order to become familiarized with outcomes of the ICAO Audit held in Georgia on 13-20 March 2018 and GCAA’s future plans, the reception took place in Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel on August 28, which was attended by representatives of Georgian airlines, airport operators and foreign airlines operating in Georgia, as well as the top officials from various ministries and government departments.

The Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia welcomed the meeting. Mr. Giorgi Cherkezishvili favorably evaluated the outcomes of the ICAO Audit and spoke on importance of achieved results for further development of aviation sector and industry. “The audit outcomes have once more demonstrated the accuracy of course taken by the country in the sphere of civil aviation. Along with this, these outcomes illustrated that we are in position to overcome and govern challenges existing in the sphere of civil aviation by means of effective implementation of international standards and recommended practices, and this is an irreversible process,” – noticed the Deputy Minister.

Mr. Guram Jalaghonia, the director of the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency, highlighted in his speech the progress achieved in the aviation sector over the last decade. The director expressed gratitude to the Civil Aviation Agency, the Ministry of Economy, to representatives of aviation industry and state partner organizations for performed work and coordinated activities.

Guram Jalaghonia: “A decade earlier, aviation authorities and industry representatives  couldn’t probably have imagined that Georgia could reach 87% in view of implementation of international aviation standards and be aligned with world’s leading countries, that Georgia could become a member of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, that up to 30 airlines would operate in the Georgian market and the customers could have the possibility to choose an operator, that we could have so much certified aerodromes, that Georgian air companies could get authorization from EASA,  that our safety inspectors could successfully perform inspection of foreign operators within the framework of the EU Ramp Inspectors Program, that our specialists could work in EASA, EUROCONTROL and ICAO office located in Paris, that they could be included in working groups of leading aviation organizations, and so on. Representatives of aviation sector know best how many efforts are needed to transform the civil aviation into the safest, the most qualitative, the fastest and the most comfortable means of transport; they are also aware of what level of coordinated work is necessary to be in step with demanding market requirements and contemporary challenges. These goals couldn’t be reached without support of a strong ally – an international regulatory body ICAO, however, it is necessary to ensure implementation and maintenance of ICAO standards here, in Georgia. The results demonstrated by the country and by its aviation authorities during the ICAO last audit wouldn’t be so high, if the industry didn’t insure qualitative performance of aviation security and safety measures in accordance with requirements specified by the Agency”. 

Mr. Levan Karanadze, the First Deputy Director of GCAA and Ms. Tamar Archuadze, the Deputy Director of GCAA, ICAO’s regional focal point for safety oversight made a speeches on outcomes defined in the ICAO Final Report. According to information presented by the representatives of the Agency, the figure of the efficient implementation of the standards and recommended practices has reached 87.64%.  Speaking on the further plans of the Agency, Mr. Karanadze highlighted such issues as: implementation of the regulations under the Common Aviation Area Agreement, recertification of Georgian ANSP, personnel licensing, process of certification of aviation medical center as well as the works implementation of which is planned in order to improve regulations with regard to general and specialized aviation.

In August, the Agency received the Final Report of ICAO Audit held on March 13-20. The Organization had studied the outcomes of the audit of the Civil Aviation and Maritime Transport Accident / Incident Investigation Bureau (TAIIB) acting under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia as well as evidences obtained by auditors. According to the ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission’s Final Report, indicators exceed preliminary results recorded in March and are as follows, due to examined components:

  • Indicator for efficient implementation of air navigation service supervision (ANS) made up 96.51%. The world’s average indicator in this component is 63.94%;
  • Supervision over airdromes/airports and ground handling means made up 92.36%, against the world’s averaged indicator of 59.81%;
  • Efficient implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practice in aviation legislation (LEG) made up 95.24%, against the world’s average indicator of 72.05%;
  • Organizational aspects (ORG), which examine organizational-structure, financial and human opportunities in civil aviation authorities was improved to 91.67%, against the world’s average indicator of 69.05%;
  • Efficient implementation of aviation accidents and incident investigation (AIG) by Bureau for Exploration of Transport Accidents made up 91.09%, against the world’s averaged indicator of 55.81%.

According to results of the Audit, the Georgia’s overall rate indicator of efficient implementation of international standards and recommended practice reached 87.64%. According to the new indicator and in terms of implementation and supervision of international aviation standards, Georgia takes 30th position in the world, 10th in Europe and the first place in the region (the data will be renewed due to results of audits carried out in the member states).


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