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20 2019

10 Jan.'17 | Number of Passengers served at Georgian Airports Increased by 25.63% in 2016

The number of passengers served at Georgian Airports is again on the rise. According to the 2016 statistics, provided by GCAA, passenger traffic at Georgian Airports amounted to 2 840 455 people, which is 25.63% more (579 444 passengers) than in 2015;

The main international airport of Georgia - Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli International Airport has served 2 252 535 passengers, which is 21.95% increase (405 419 passengers) compared to 2015 (1 847 116);

A significant passenger increase has been shown at Kutaisi David the Builder International Airport mainly serving low cost airline – Wizz Air. The airport served 271 363 customers during the previous year, up from the 182 954 of 2015 which is 48.32% increase.

The passenger traffic at Batumi Alexander Kartveli International Airport grew by 37.91%. The total movements in the second largest Georgian Airport amounted to 312 343 air travelers, 85 867 passengers more than in 2015;

The total number of passenger / cargo flights increased by 12.08%. The Regular flights in 2016 has amounted to 12 252 while the number of chartered flights were 3 066;

The number of overflights in Georgian airspace in 2016 increased by 4.12% compared with the 2015. In all, there were 128 446 overflights in the previous year;

Like passenger traffic, air transportation of goods was also considerably increased in Georgia. In 2016, 34 065,259 tonnes of air freight was carried through Tbilisi International Airport, that is 128,86% increase comparing with the figures of 2015 (14 885,068 tonnes).

Detailed statistics on passenger and air freight transport are available now on Georgian Civil Aviation Agency’s website:;



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