• New Working Arrangement signed between EASA and GCAA
  • Henrik Hololei: Georgia is leading aviation country in Eastern Partnership
22 January 2021
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Aerodromes and Airports

The main responsibilities of Aerodromes and Airports Department:
  • Certification of Civil Aerodromes and Heliports;
  • Keeping State Registers of Civil Aerodromes and Heliports;
  • Performing technical regulation of certified civil aerodromes and heliports, carrying out control over it’s compliance with International civil aviation standards and continuing surveillance, as well as inspection of their activities, as to ensure flight safety;
  • Keeping records and controlling the obstacles at aerodromes and on it’s close vicinity, as well as in the aircrafts’ flight and maneuvering zones;
  • Keeping records over the domestic flying grounds and conducting there technical supervision;
  • Certification of aviation fuel suppliers;
  • Keeping Registers of aviation fuel suppliers;
  • Performing technical supervision and inspection of aviation fuel suppliers.

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